Pipeline Right-of-way Inspection Services

Annual Right-of-way Inspections

Absolute Locating Services - FID

Some of our clients require annual pipeline right-of-way inspections to ensure proper signage is installed at crossings, that vegetative growth is comparable to the surrounding areas, and to pro-actively monitor their right-of-ways for trench sluffing, pipeline exposure, or other subsidence concerns. We provide these investigations by using GPS to position our inspectors on ATV’s over the pipeline to travel the entire length of the facility, spatially recording any issues found, and complete required documentation for regulatory compliance.

Signage Installation

With our clients constantly installing new pipelines, the need for signs indicating where they cross fences and roadways increases. We offer an efficient sign installation service that utilizes a high pressure water gun to quickly drive a hole in the ground suitable for holding sign posts.

Traditional methods of sign installation can involve back breaking work pounding the posts into place. Our method is much quicker and safer, and can greatly reduce the risk of contacting the facilities, and therefor damaging the facility or even possibly injuring workers.

Using water as a tool we can greatly reduce the risk of damage or injury, and can ensure a safer work place.

Absolute Locating Services - Signage Installation

Gas Leak Detection

Absolute Locating Services - Gas Leak Detection

Early detection of a leak gives the facility owner the advantage of minimizing gas losses within the system, scheduling repairs around other outages and reducing the possible impact on landowners and the environment.

Our newest ultra-sensitive Infrared gas detectors can be carried in our ATV’s while completing right-of-way inspections to provide leak detection and right-of-way inspections simultaneously. This method greatly increases efficiency for our mid-stream natural gas customers.

Because this procedure is so sensitive at identifying leaks, it is an excellent tool to use. When a leak is discovered, it is given a classification based upon its’ severity.

Class 1: Requires immediate attention

Class 2: Requires attention but is not hazardous at the time of the survey

Class 3: Is small in nature and does not represent any hazard. These leaks can be repaired along with routine maintenance.

Other anomalies along the pipeline right-of-way are documented while the Infrared survey is being done; i.e. missing pipeline signs or damaged, exposed pipeline, vegetation overgrowth, etc.

It is important to note that Infrared will not prevent a leak from happening. It is strictly a tool to be used for locating a leak.

Call Before You Dig

Sask 1st Call is a “Call Before You Dig” location screening and notification service for contractors and customers who are planning to dig or excavate. Calling Sask 1st Call will proactively alert the Sask 1st Call subscriber companies of plans to disturb the ground. Sask 1st Call will issue line locate request notifications to subscriber companies to ensure that underground facilities are clearly marked before work starts.

First Call organizations enhance safety to the public and digging community as well as reduce damage and associated costs to underground facilities.

Call 1 (866) 828-4888 or go online to place your 1st Call.